We are a great group of volunteers who are either alumni or past teachers. We meet just about once a month (except for the winter) in the OHS Library.

  • President: Andrew Capra, ’81
  • Vice President: Janet Bryceland ’80
  • Secretary: Kelly Hunt Post ’00
  • Treasurer: Tammy Georgia Southard, ’79
  • Assistant Treasurer:  Barbara Ferguson Blanchard, ’54


  • Tony Drago, ’39
  • Frank Gallucci, ’50
  • Madolyn Oliver Palmer, ’53
  • William “Bud” Pirone, ’56
  • Geoff Smith, ’65

In January of 2005 we became a IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

This means that donations to this organization can be tax deductible. Please consider this organization as you reflect on your past. Your donations will help us build for the future. From bequeaths as large as an estate, to donations via your membership dues, the Association uses the money to fulfill our mission statement.



  • Andrew Capra  (Chair)
  • Madolyn Palmer
  • Barbara Blanchard
  • Laurine Jennings
  • Tammy Southard


  • Everett Baroni (Chair)
  • Michelle Childress Osterhoudt
  • Kelly Hunt Post
  • Tammy Southard


  • Joe Campbell Jr (Chair)
  • Kim Pirone Baskin


OHS Alumni Day @ High School

  • Joe Hughes
  • Vince Foti Jr.
  • Mary Drago
  • Laurine Jennings
  • Sandie Sapienza Fritsch
  • Tammy Georgia Southard

OHS Scholarship Committee

  • Madolyn Palmer(Chair)
  • Laurine Jennings
  • Barbara Blanchard


  • Norman Payne
  • Tammy Georgia Southard
  • Amanda Place Calderon

Media Relations/Social Media

  • Joseph Campbell Jr.
  • Norman Payne
  • Tammy Georgia Southard

Golf Tournament

  • Everett Baroni
  • Kim Pirone Baskin
  • Rick Follett
  • Tammy Southard

Athletic Hall Of Fame Committee

  • Vince Foti (Chair)
  • Jeffrey Gardner
  • Mark Simonson
  • Mike Vagliardo
  • Tiffany Hurley Carr
  • David Forbes F/S
  • Joseph Hughes F/S
  • Linda Johnson F/S
  • Catherine Lynch F/S
  • Frank Microni
  • Matt Miller
  • Gary Scutt
  • Michael Vagliardo

Wall Of Distinction Committee

  • Bret Bresee ’77 (Chair)
  • Betsy Brazier
  • Ron Brazier
  • Mary Drago
  • Donna Lambros Foti
  • Ann Cleveland Warren
  • Jack Holstea
  • Corinne Bresee Smith

Reunion Weekend

  • Armory Beverages:  Norm Payne
  • Armory Decorations: Laurine Jennings, Tammy Southard, Sandie Fritsch
  • Armory Telephone Reservation For Tables- Madolyn Palmer
  • Armory Admission Table – Laurine Jennings, Tammy Southard, Lisa Lamb Vance
  • Armory Food- Laurine Jennings
  • Armory  SET UP AND TAKE-DOWN- Mary Drago, Everett Baroni, Laurine Perry, Andrew Capra, Linda Perry, Sandie Fritsch, Tammy Southard