Everett Baroni

Class of 1981

I am forever grateful to my parents for moving  to Oneonta in 1964. This move gave my brother Bob, sister Peggy, and myself the opportunity to grow up in wonderful wonderful community and become OHS Alumni. In my opinion there’s no better community in school system for kids to grow up in. The foundation, for the person I am today, began with my 5th and 6th grade teacher, Jim Matthews (OHS ’63).  As I moved forward away to OHS,  I had the privilege to encounter four of the most influential teachers of my life. Doug Parsons (who is no longer with us), Jackie Scavo, Tom Schermerhorn, and Tony Drago Sr. They’re all good people whose passion for teaching made a difference.

Shortly after graduation I moved to California where I met my wife, Janice. We moved back to Oneonta in 1986 where we raised our three kids. I am proud to tell you they are all OHS Alumni as well. I worked locally for United Parcel Service for 32 years, retiring in January 2018.

Approximately 8 years ago Tony Drago Sr. and Bruno Scavo talked me into helping with the OHS Alumni Golf Tournament. Little did I know their intention was for me to take it over. At the time Tony was in his late 80’s and Bruno late 70’s and for some reason they thought they were getting too old. I am proud to tell you that while working with Tony and Bruno we brought the golf tournament to the next level and at the same time broke records and fundraising. Frank Antonucci now chairs the alumni golf tournament and does an excellent job. After 6 years working on the golf committee Kathy Hewlett asked me to help out with the alumni newsletter. This was something I knew very little about but was willing to give it a try and help where needed.

Being a part of the OHS Alumni Association has given me the opportunity to give back to OHS. Each year a lot of planning by a small group of people bring a large number of alumni together for a couple of days each fall. It is incredible, and the number grows each year and I am proud to be a small part of something so amazing. I have had the pleasure of helping two very solid alumni Association presidents,  Carla Balnis and Norm Payne, who both did a fantastic job making sure OHS alumni would have a weekend to remember each year.

Each year everyone here in the Alumni Association gets a little older and we need some younger people with new energy and new ideas to get involved. Being a member for the OHS Alumni Association has opened new doors to friendships I would have never had otherwise. Please consider stepping forward and becoming a volunteer, challenge a classmate to join you so we can keep this fall tradition alive for generations to come. I am humbled and honored to receive this award, thank you!