Wall of Fame/Distinction

Starting in 2007 two committees formed with the task of honoring our Alumni by recognizing them for their achievements. The areas were athletic,  (while at OHS) or for their life-long work after graduation.

Each year there is an induction ceremony where these alumni are presented a plaque and invited to give a short speech. The ceremony is late Saturday morning on alumni weekend. The plaque is hung on the wall in the halls of the high school- hence the name.  (click on green link for form) Athletic Wall of Fame (AWOF) and (click on green link for form) Wall of Distinction (WOD). If you can remember the “new” high school (1964) there are two main entrances, one by the office and one by the gym. The AWOF is by the gym, the WOD is by the offices.

Inducted October 2007
AWOF: Rich Kniskern ’70; Tim Pidgeon ’83; Jim Anderson ’55; Nick Lambros  ’55; Jan Norton ’78 ;  Mark May ’77 ;  Helen Samford (coach); Ed House ’43; Anthony Drago ’39 (and coach)
WOD: Malham Wakin ’48; Geoffrey Smith ’65;  W. Clyde Wright ’27; Albert “Sam” Nader ’38;  Ricky J. Parisian ’78

Inducted October 2008
AWOF: John Bertuzzi ’72;  Rick Page ’75;  Joseph Hughes ’76;  Joseph Pidgeon ’56;  Clay Bellinger ’86;  Kelly Sosa ’96;  Kristin Zeh ’99;  Harold Hal Hunt (coach)
WOD: Irving McNeil Ives ’14;  Joseph Molinari ’19;  Dr. John Carline ’46;  David C. Hurley ’58;  Jerry Jeff Walker ’60

Inducted October 2009
AWOF: Frank Super ’35;  George (Jim) Kershaw ’44;  Don Jester ’53;  Lloyd Baker (coach); Lee Gill ’64;  Kevin Burnsworth ’82;  Leigh Irwin ’97;  Quame Patterson ’79;
Tiffany (Hurley) Carr ’98
WOD: Harold Bradley ’29;  Ani P. Colone ’32;  Samuel Bertuzi ’36;  Rear Admiral Robert C. Munson ’46;  Larry Santos ’59;

Inducted October 2010
AWOF: Charles Swart ’30;  Michael Sparaco ’66;  Kristin Konstanty ’98;  Robert Zeh (coach)
WOD: Dr. Alexander F. Carson ’14;  Gordon B. Roberts ’41; John Scarzafava ’65;  Greg Harney ’74;  Rebecca Wilson Bresee ’89;  Jacklyn Lambros ’98

Inducted October 2011
AWOF:  Kate Hendrikson Borg ’58;  George Lynch ’60;  Gloria Hill Smith ’90;  Brook Baker Bliss ’95;  Will Whitaker ’57
WOD:  Rebecca Wison Bresee ’89;  Joseph P. Campbell ’45;  William Colone ’76;  Mark Jeffers ’76;  William “Bud” Pirone ’56

Inducted October 2012
AWOF: Jim “Pete” Putnam ’57;  Mike Syron ’59:  Dennis Weir ’59;  John Minarcin ’75; 1996-1997 Girls Basketball Team
WOD:  James T. Catella ’41;  Diane Schrull Sepler ’57;  Michael A. Mongillo ’67;  William K. Atchinson ’74;  Joseph P. Campbell Jr. ’75

Inducted October 2013
AWOF: Jessi Potter ’01;  Bill Hughes ’74;  Frank Microni ’97;  Gary Scutt ’67;  Bob Turrell ’60
WOD: Wendell Brown ’79;  Beatrice Warren Blanding ’12;  Kevin G. Molinari ’71;  Roger Hughes ’29


Here is a great story written by Joe Campbell Jr. on some of the notable athletes from OHS OHS_All-Class_All-Section_State_Champs